“Cry Uncle” is the 23-page accordion fold book on torture, (edition limited to 15 copies) which I wrote, designed and illustrated in 2009.
The images are linoleum cuts, 18” x 24”, printed on translucent, handmade Japanese paper. The type was done in letterpress, with the large type in old wood letters. When the book is unfolded, it is over 40 feet long.

My work focuses on telling stories in pictures.  Political subject matter, not only to protest and document, intrigues me as an exploration of human nature.

The way type looks and sounds as it becomes a character’s voice is of great interest, as well as how language changes meaning with the addition of a comma, or by modifying scale or font.

The sack and the book inside are large and imposing. Thin, creased, fragile looking Nepalese paper on the cover resembles human skin. The translucence of the interior pages allows the viewer to glimpse the shadow image of what came previously.

The zippered red mouth on the sack that holds the book is the beginning and end of the story; the torturer’s lips are sealed.

Link: The book from idea through binding


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Hand-made, limited edition book. Digital print on Japanese paper, concertina style, silk cover. 13.75" x 9.125" x .25", 2008

Hand-made, limited edition silk-screened book, 10" x 8.5" x 3.75",2005. It begins after World War ll, and ends with the legacy of George W. Bush.

Hand sewn book. Linocuts made during the administrations of Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush, assembled in 1992, just before the election. 18.25" x 12"
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