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The talent, knowledge and care of a number of people went into this book. Justin Sanz, a wonderful artist who is also a masterful printer, brought out tremendous richness and  at the same time managed to preserve extreme detail in his prints from my linoleum blocks. His opinions and insights were invaluable. Peter Kruty, of Peter Kruty Editions, with his great command of Letterpress, transformed the text pages,  and with Susan Weinz assembled the concertina and the book portfolio beautifully and exactingly. With his expertise, Irving Grunbaum provided digital type and files, and much help and feedback, and also created my websites. The careful work Robin Peterson did on the hand-stitched pages was also helpful. Daydream Silkscreen printed on the canvas,  which was later sewn into the book bag by Illeana Manda - her meticulous hand stitches finishing the zippered mouth.